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Thread: Anti-Virus Scan Stuck at 99%

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    krackatoa Guest

    Unhappy Anti-Virus Scan Stuck at 99%

    Good morning:

    My computer/ZASS data:

    Microsoft XP w/SP 3 (updated)

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    TrueVector version:
    Driver version:
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:999182048
    AntiSpam version:

    My anti-virus/spyware scan with ZASS continues to "stick" at 99% -- and not complete. I've tried the RESET mentioned in earlier threads -- but still same problem. Also, used the update that came in this a.m. to check status of ZASS -- but after reboot and scan attempt still same results -- will not go beyond 99% and stuck on C;\Windows\_default.pif

    Are we talking (shudder) reinstall here --- or some problem with product to be resolved yet.

    Thank you

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus Scan Stuck at 99%

    There are at least 6 other topics here regarding this. A search for _default.pif found this possible solution, among others:

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    rotorjock Guest

    Angry Re: Anti-Virus Scan Stuck at 99%

    I am having a virus scan hanging problem after upgrading to WIN7 Ultimate 32bit and updating to ZA Security Suite 9.1.008. I have an HP Dv5139US Laptop with a 250 Gb HDD and 3Gb of RAM (2Gb on motherboard and 1 Gb on an SD using ready boost). When I reboot, the scan hangs at 32%. If I just close ZA and restart it then scan, the scan hangs at 0 files checked. I launch ZA as Administrator.
    Anyone having similar problems? Anyone found any resolutions?

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    Default Re: Anti-Virus Scan Stuck at 99%

    .... And to follow up garywa, you also find many hints on fixing the issue but googling "C:\Windows\_default.pif"


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