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Thread: This website is suspicious

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    carlfoerster Guest

    Exclamation This website is suspicious

    Newest version of ZA Internet Suite gives alert, "This website is suspicious, leave now ....". The detailed message says the site was flagged because its in a spam list. How do I turn off this feature.

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    What is the URL?

    Its probably not a good idea to goto that site, so I wouldn't turn off your protection.

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    carlfoerster Guest

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    The rest of the alert has a list of why there's a warning, it says no to all the serious reasons and just says the warning is because the site is on a spam blocker list somewhere. Then it advises you to buy another Checkpoint product (Get Immunity from malicious sites ...). I want to turn these warnings off, they are new and not helpful.

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    ajo Guest

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    I am curious what "spam list" these websites are on. I received the same notification regarding a website that I own. The website sends no messages of any kind to anyone and yet it is on a spam list? Please advise what "spam list" you are referring to so I can investigate further.

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