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Thread: Age of Empires won't start

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    kesslerou Guest

    Smile Age of Empires won't start

    I have XP-media center edition. It is fully updated.
    I also run ZA Extreme Security

    I used to always play Age of Empires II (old version, I know... ) with no problems. A few months back my husband updated/upgraded to Extreme Security. Ever since then, Age of Empires will not run. It will attempt to load and then close after the initial welcome screen.

    I am 100% sure this is a ZA access issue, b/c earlier this night, I completely uninstalled ZA and just used the windows firewall. The game started just fine, no problems. As soon as I reinstalled ZA, it stopped running again.

    I have the program control set to 2 bars and check marks for all of the other associated option in the program control window. Using the gaming mode doesn't make any still won't load then!

    I am not playing online, just playing a local copy from on my laptop.

    What am I missing?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Age of Empires won't start

    Completely uninstalling ZA is way too extreme; there are ways to lessen the posssible hinders in ZA. You do know that you can 'temporarily shut-down' ZA and restart after your game play - again this would be a last resort. Un-installing is too harsh.

    You can try any of the following; find out which is really needed:
    -Three green bars instead of two
    - Program Control - > Main > lower from 'High' to > 'Medium' or even 'Low' or even off ( you are playing off-line)
    - you can also lower or shut-off anti-virus if you trust your game.
    - shut-off 'Browser Security' panel - all off
    - check in 'parental control' panel - there may be some default that may disable/ block 'games/ game playing' and alike or simply shut-off that panel
    - Firewall - you can lower or shut-off either 'zones' Intenet/ Trusted since you are only playing at home, off-line

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    kesslerou Guest

    Default Re: Age of Empires won't start

    I only completely uninstalled ZA b/c I was trying to pinpoint why the program wouldn't start. I wouldn't dream doing that on ANY kind of regular basis.

    I have messed with the 3 bars instead of 2. I have turned the slider to off. Turning the firewall off is not an option as the computer I am playing is a laptop on a wireless network.

    The frustration for me is that it worked fine with the previous version of ZA (b/f dh upgraded to the exteme security). I had hoped that someone here would know of some difference that would lead to that change in access. I shouldn't have to play with the firewall off or with taking any other sort of security risk like that.

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    kesslerou Guest

    Exclamation Re: Age of Empires won't start

    I have the tried running with the force field (browser security) and parental controls off. I've even tried starting it with ZA completely shut down. It will not start/run.

    Just as a double check, I again uninstalled ZA and using the Windows firewall, it ran perfectly. As soon as I re-installed it all, it stopped loading.

    Does ZA make some sort of registry entry that could be causing this problem?

    Any other ideas?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Age of Empires won't start

    Time for some ZA Tech. Explain problem and all the 'methods' you have tried.

    Click here for ZA Technical Support
    Mon-Fri 7am-5:30pm PST
    Limited Availability Sat-Sun

    Question - what did you have previously that worked? ZAX 9.0.. or 8.0... or had ZA Suite 8.0.../ 9.0...specifically

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