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Thread: Compiling Programs Alarms ZA Firewall

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    CodingUpAStorm Guest

    Default Compiling Programs Alarms ZA Firewall

    I have installed ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. As of this writing, all updates have been applied.

    I am developing a 32-bit program, editing in the SED code editor and compiling with PowerBASIC 9.02 (latest versions). My program does not access the Internet or my LAN. When my compiled program begins to execute (whether automatically after the compile or by clicking it in Windows Explorer), the following alert is displayed:
    "ZoneAlarm Security Alert"

    "ProgramName is trying to launch C:\Windows\splwow64.exe, or use another program to gain access to privileged resources."
    The SmartDefense Advisor, in addition to providing information about my compiled program, sez:
    Event Type: Process
    Sub Event Type: SpawnProcess
    Process Name: C:\Windows\splwow64.exe
    I have gone into the ZoneAlarm Program Control and selected Programs. I have set my program to Changes Frequently, under options I allowed Application Interaction, disabled component authentication and checked Authenticate program by full path name only. Individually and in multiple variations. I have set the trust level to Super and allowed access to everything.

    But the alarms keep appearing. When I return to Program Control, my changes are gone after each compile.

    I have also changed Program Control settings for the editor and compiler, but they remain stable.

    By definition, the program is going to change each time I compile it. But I don't want a message, and the extra steps in allowing my program to continue has become irritating and distracting. How can I exempt this one program (the path and filename never change) from the messages?


    Coder Seeking Shelter from a Storm of Alarm

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    fatalerror Guest

    Default Re: Compiling Programs Alarms ZA Firewall


    Found this in ZA Help Files, hope it helps;

    Enabling Component Control

    In addition to controlling permissions for all programs on a computer, advanced users may also want to monitor and, if desired, restrict individual components that these programs load (such as DLL files or ActiveX controls). ZoneAlarm security software keeps a list of components (used by allowed programs) that have tried to access the Internet or the local network. Depending on your program control and component control settings, ZoneAlarm security software can simply monitor components or it can alert you each time a new component attempts access. This section explains how to enable component control. For details about viewing the Components List and modifying component permissions manually, see Managing program components.
    By default, component control is turned off, though ZoneAlarm security software does add components to the Components List. If you enable component control and set program control to Medium, component control tracks components but does not restrict their activity. If you then reset program control to High, component control grants access to all previously known components but prompts you to allow or deny any components discovered subsequently. For advanced users concerned about component activity, the best practice is to install ZoneAlarm security software on a freshly set up computer, enable component control and set the program control level to Medium, and, after ZoneAlarm security software has had a chance to detect all normal components that require access, reset program control to High. (For information about the program control setting, see Setting the program control level.)
    To enable component control:

    1. Select Program Control.
    2. In the Program Control area, click Custom. The Custom Program Control Settings dialog appears.
    3. On the Program Control panel, select Enable component control.
    4. Click OK.
    By the way, best to post your ZA info as it's not clear which product and version you're referring to.

    Merry Christmas

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