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Thread: AV scan will not run/update

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    mmforeman Guest

    Angry AV scan will not run/update

    Windows XP Pro - ZASS

    since last update (ZASetup_91008.exe -- 175kb) have been unable to run a anti-virus/anti-spam scan at all. either manual or auto.

    anti-virus/anti-spam is shown as OFF (red) in the overview/main window. click "fix" -- turns green for 1 second --- then back to OFF.

    updates occur, however when open the anti-virus area of ZASS it shows that an update is needed.

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: AV scan will not run/update

    I have the same version of ZASS as you and I also installed the small update that came out on Dec.14. I do not have that problem on either of my 2 PCs.

    I guess the first thing I would try is to reset the ZA database to see if that fixed the problem. (Ctrl+Shift+right-click ZA icon in Sys Tray) Note: you will loose any custom settings.

    Failing that, I would uninstall ZASS using the clean removal tool and proceedure, then reinstall ZASS and the Dec. 14, update.

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    mmforeman Guest

    Default Re: AV scan will not run/update

    I did a Re-install of the update labeled zaSuiteSetup_91_008_000_en.exe that came out in November, 2009.

    By doing this, you rid the computer of the Dec. 9, 2009 update labeled ZASetup_91008.exe that was only 175kb.

    After doing the above, my Zone Alarm started working correctly again -- the anti-virus was up and I was able to scan again. Just DO NOT let the program up-date itself with that small 175kb update/upgrade.

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