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Thread: Fake website installing malware?

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    Default Fake website installing malware?

    I was directed to a website at

    hxxp:// BpZD0yNTEmdGltZT0xMjYxMYcNPAhN

    This site tells me that I have trojans and spyware on my computer and offers to download a scanner. Seeing that I am using Zonealarm and it hasn't reported anyting I was worried with how many trojans and spyware programs it said I had but it seems unlikely that it could find them so fast. I guess I am right to avoid the site. I am now worried that it might have installed something on my computer.

    Does anyone have any information on this site?

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    Default Re: Fake website installing malware?

    Never ever trust any site of pop-up windows other than ZA telling you that you are infected.
    Keep you antivirus updated and always active.


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