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Thread: FF makes firefox history/bookmarks stop working

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    Default FF makes firefox history/bookmarks stop working

    ok so this is the third time this has happened, every time i use zone alarm force field it works fine for awhile then one day for no reason firefox no longer remembers my history my addons act as tho its there first install and i cant save bookmarks and to fix it i have to uninstall both zaff and firefox then reinstall them can anyone help me figure out whats going on and how to make it stop, i would prefer to keep zaff but if it keeps messing with firefox then it has to go just to clarify its not firefox i have tried this on another computer did same thing reinstalled only firefox and left it its had no problems now. so its clearly zaff thats doing it also if i open an unprotected browser or just shutdown zaff it works so its very clear its zaff's fault

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    you have to turn OFF ZAFF completely before updating firefox or its add-ons otherwise you will corrupt the installs/add-on or corrupt the firefox profiles.


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