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Thread: ZA virus scan locked on .dll file

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    Question ZA virus scan locked on .dll file

    Running Vista OS, 2 gig ram, acer 5570z

    I upgraded to ZA Extreme from ZA Internet Security Suite.

    The initial deep scan locked up on this file:

    C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvg ames.dll

    Once locked up it becomes impossible to cancel the scan or do anything else as if the memory is all sucked up. Having to shut down with the power button, reboot and try again. SO far at least ten times.

    I used the uninstall tool and re-installed about 4 times without resolve. I also by tech recommendation added the string to the exceptions list but it still is locking up on the file.

    I tried Safe Mode with Networking and it still locked up.

    I found the file by tracing through C drive, windows, system32 etc but the file is inaccessible/ access denied. Perhaps this is the problem for the virus scan.

    I also tried doing a Normal Scan but the file shows up and the party is over.

    SO I am wondering if I should just downgrade to Internet Security Suite because I never had this problem before. No sense in having Extreme Security if I can't run a virus scan.

    Any Suggestions on how to resolve this problem?? Any Advice??


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    Default Re: ZA virus scan locked on .dll file

    Please do not open multiple threads, continue here:


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