Although the Extreme FireWall software says that it has downloaded the latest scan software on Extreme v (that is a green block) there are two red blocks underneath saying that I don't have any Virus protection or Email protection. Cannot turn them on.
My other XP notebook has three green blocks saying that everything is working and gives the correct date for renewal.
Originally purchase Extreme software in June 09 for 12 months and loaded it on my XP notebook and activated all three areas with ease - automated.
1) On purchasing a new ASUSU50VG notebook with 500Mb internal disk and 2Mb only of RAM and Windows 7 Home Premium in November, I went back to the ZA site to get my second of three Extreme compies available.
2) On the first download I came acrosss the problem above and then deleted everything via Add/Delete on the control panel and tried again. - same problem.
3)Contact on-line help and they sent me a link to make sure every trace of all ZA programs was deleted and automatically download the latest version 9.1.008 again. 3rd time and then same problem. Unfortunately they are not working at this point of time (not sure of the hours they keep but it is not 24hrs unfortunately!)
4) I have turned off Win 7 FireWall and Win 7 virus protection and have no other virus software on this new system.

I have scanned various comments on the ZA site which suggests others are having similar but not the same problems with (a)scanning manually with Win7 and one that said about (b) bloat software and how we at ZA have now combined the one download of FireWall software to include virus protection as well as Mail protection. If the last one is true why can't I do a manual scan? I read another comment from ZA around the 19th saying they were having (c) problems with updates which they were working on. Could this be why I cannot find a solution?
Any ideas would be much appreciated?
Cheers Stevepar