On my Laptop "i" I currently use ZA 8.0.298 Free (ZA8F)
because of the idle CPU usage bug.
On my Laptop "G" I currently use ZA 9.1 Free (ZA9F)
which doesn't seem to manifest the idle CPU usage bug.

I had to manually add iexplore.exe back to ZA8F on i,
and ZA8F prompts me to allow iexplore.exe access or not.
Before I added ie.exe back to ZA8F, ie.exe would access the www
IF svchost.exe (Generic Host ...) was set to always allow.
If I changed this setting to Ask, then ZA8F would prompt me for ie.exe access.

ZA9F does not ever prompt me to allow ie.exe access or not.
ie.exe always accesses the www if ZA9F is set to "ask".
If I set ZA9F to block ie.exe, then ie.exe does not access the www.
I then have to manually change the ZA9F ie.exe setting
after I launch IE (v6) to prevent ie.exe from having unrestricted www access.
The svchost.exe setting does not seem to affect ZA9F ie.exe access
like the setting does in ZA8F.

If this a(nother) ZA9F bug?

Any helpful replies/insights appreciated.
Thank you.