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Thread: Windows 7 Homegroup Help!

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    bonz Guest

    Unhappy Windows 7 Homegroup Help!

    Greetings all!
    I just upgraded 3 of my computers to Windows 7 and also upgraded to ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 9.1. One of the reasons I wanted to upgrade was because of the Homegroup option in the new Windows 7. I have used ZoneAlarm for a lot of years starting with the free version, then moving up to ZoneAlarm Pro, ZASS and now ZAES which is compatible with Windows 7. Everything seems to work ok except for one problem! Trying to get Windows 7 Homegroup to work with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security! Anyone have a step by step guide or some suggestions. I could never get a home network to work with XP either. Windows 7 was suppose to be easier. My understanding is the Windows firewall will automatically allow homegroup so it shouldnt be too hard to get ZAES to work.

    Please help!

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    bonz Guest

    Cool Re: Solution for Windows 7 Homegroup and Zone Alarm Extreme Security

    I finally figured it out! Will post the solution here for everyone else experiencing the same problem! Actually pretty simple.

    You have to enable IPv6 networking in the advanced settings tab under Firewall Main. This will allow you to use HomeGroup in Windows 7!

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