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    I recently installed ZA update version 9.1.8. My automatic scans did not work. Shortly after, I received notice of an antivirus update. But rather than it being done with the auto update feature, it came in as a file much like a product update. I saved it and then ran it. A couple of days later I got a similar antivirus update notice. I was suspcious so I clicked to remind me in one day, then went into Zone Alarm - Overview - Preferences - check for
    update, and sure enough the same product update window appeared, so I saved it, ZA scanned it and cleared it and I ran the update. My automatic scans started working after that. Does anybody know why antivirus updates would come in the same way a product update would? Did I screw up by running them?

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    Both updates were valid. If I remember correctly, the filename of the first update was changed a day or two after it was initially released. This update had a problem however - the ZA product registration was not retained.

    About a week later, a second update was released which replaced the same scheduler.dll file, and also corrected the product registration problem.

    The two updates were discussed at length in these two topics:

    Happy New Year!

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    Thank you for your response. The links echoed my sentiments. To have a product update followed by the two additional updates was strange. I never even noticed the product registration. I just noticed that sometime after I downloaded the two additional updates that my automatic scan started working, so it appeared legitimate but I had to check.

    Thanks for your time and Happy New Years.

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    You're welcome.

    I installed both updates (like you, after verifying) and have not had a problem.

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