I'm running ZA Pro (v9.1.008.000, WinXP SP3 on several machines and Win7 on another) and keep a VERY tight leash on Internet Explorer on all of them. I generally use it only for Windows updates and a few sites which insist on embedding ActiveX controls that do not function properly with my preferred browser (Opera v10.10).

I force IE to open with a blank page ("about:blank") and request permission for Internet access as I work overseas a lot (China frequently) and doing so prevents any of the ubiquitous malware in far-flung places (and there's a LOT) that might get by my AV and spyware blockers from using it to do other damage. When I upgraded to the current version of ZA Pro, I was frankly quite irritated that despite putting the "?" into all of the boxes for IE under ZA's Program Control, it would still launch and initiate Internet access to MS in the background without requesting permission as before. I've now rectified this based on information from another thread (thank you, 'stealthylady' and responders to her query!), but there's still one thing I will request for future versions of ZA regarding its default setting for the popup alerts.

The launch of IE generates a popup alert as desired, but the "Remember this setting" box is auto-selected -- I want the default condition to reflect DESELECTED, i.e. empty for ANY program. To be blunt, for ZA to set that as its default condition could inadvertently lead to a breach of computer security for ANY executable program is really inexcusable. Yes, I pay attention to such details (or try to, anyway) before agreeing to allow IE to proceed, but I'm absolutely certain a substantial number of users may not.

I can find no way to make the desired change in any of the user options which are readily available, but if there is a registry hack/tweak which would modify this specific default without disabling any other ZA functions, I'd very much like to know about it.