Ever since upgrading to Zone Alarm 8, I have not been able to use my limited accounts and I have had to work through the Admin Account only. I upgraded to 9.0 and the same issue exists. I continue to get a TrueVector crash. I can stay in limited account, but no ZoneAlarm.

I have tried the Support service last year, but literally gave up after exhausting every avenue of advice, including going into DOS mode/admin and deleting everything. I still get the same problem. I deleted all of the startup files, even erased all of the vsmon and registry files. Reloaded, I get the same error.

I just recently signed up for another year of Zonealarm only because I need to be able to use 1 program for work in Windows which requires specific hardware. I am reluctant to go to McAfee or Norton, since I started with BlackIce Defender many years ago and trust them. If I do not get a resolution to this problem, I am going to do what a friend advised a year ago - switch to a Mac. I would be able to use the hardware in emulation mode. This seems like an extreme step, but not being able to use a limited account is dangerous (please note, NOT GUEST ACCOUNT, but limited account). I did install the program in the Admin account.

Since Zonealarm has not been able to help, if anyone out there has some idea how to get rid of this problem, I would be very thankful.

Zone Alarm Security Suite
Windows XP SP3.