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Thread: Can't open the "main" window.

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    magnusolsson87 Guest

    Default Can't open the "main" window.

    I just updated my Zonealarm Internet Security and it worked fine as always.
    The problem is that after the reboot it starts up as usual but when i try to open it, nothing happens. I have tried to shut it down and run it again but i end up having the same problem.
    When i hold point the mouse to the ZA tray icon it says;
    Protection is up, UI is initializing

    I think it is running as normal in general but this is very annoying since i can't do a manual virus scan, update, edit program control and so on.

    Does anyone have a sollution?

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Can't open the "main" window.

    You might want to try the solution provided in this sticky topic in the General Questions forum:

    Also, a search of the forums for ui initializing produced several other results.

    This error is usually the result of an incomplete/corrupt install of ZA or a conflict with another firewall/a-v/a-s program installed in the PC.

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