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    Edmund88 Guest

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    My Zone alarm log has reached a size of 400mb and climbs about a 100mb a week, ccleaner cant clean/remove it, I cant manually delete it. Is this normal for the log to reach a size this big and keep climbing, will I notice a degrade in performance.

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    ZAISS 2010 Version

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    garywa Guest

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    Which log file, there are several?


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    Edmund88 Guest

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    C:\Windows\Internet Logs\ZALog.txt

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    garywa Guest

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    I checked on my PC and found a couple things.

    1. There was one active log file and two archived log files (dates appended to their names). All were 2KB in size.

    2. When I ran CCleaner, it removed the two archived files leaving the one active file. Of course in CCleaner I have the option selected to remove the ZA log files.

    The contents of the log file are going to have to be examined and, like the recommendation in this topic: its probably best to contact tech support and give them the details of the log entries (read the last 2 posts).

    Based on the comparison to my log file, I would say that 400MB and climbing is not normal.
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    Edmund88 Guest

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    Ok thx for your help, I appreciate it

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