hi, i had setup the vault per instructions. i had 37 items. when on browser logging to various web sites, i had a huge number of attempts to obtain the vault info. request were for credit card numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, names, etc. i noticed when clicking on a link, the page would would pause with note saying "waiting for xxxx.xxx". then an alert would appear saying "xxxxx.xxx" was requesting "bank of columbia info." or other vault items. these alerts were 3-4 or more per link. after a hugh number of my declines my browser pictures would stop loading and when clicking on links the browser could not find the requested address. i thought these were false positives but tracking some i found the closest one at a bar 2 states away. all these declined alerts make my browser useless. i did reload a new version of za, made no difference.
any help would be greatly appreciated,
tundra bob
browser ie8
xp pro sp3