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Thread: Spyware Scanning Stops at 23%

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    Hi - me again ; well -I've installed SP3 again as advised and have carried out the Reset ZAS as described but the latest ZA combined scan stopped at C:\WINDOWS|$hf_mig$\KB922616\spuninst.exe which is at about 80% of the total scan just as before. It seems there is no known cure for this problem and the suggestion to re-instal the OS is just one step too far for me so I will just have to live with the ZA truncated scan and back it up with the Malwarebytes software to cover for any nasties that get in on the part that ZA scan misses. Thanks anyway ,BobK

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    You could simply exclude the file(s) and/or directory to allow the scan to complete. UNtick them under the 'scan target' section of the ZA antivirus/antispyware (advanced options).

    Not ideal but better than nothing


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    bobikins Guest

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    Truly a Guru : good idea - interestingly our extended discussions have lead me down paths I would never have tried and as a result felt confident enough to remove auto run services I did not need and now the system is vastly improved - but scan still stopped at KB922616/spuninst.exe (81%) .Just out of interest, the Realplayer was continuosly searching in the background and using up resources like a 4X4 . Thanks again - BobK
    If anyone else with the SAME scan stop problem is reading this my advice would be don't look at other threads that look vaguely the same it only leads to trouble go through it as logically as you can with the expert - one thing I have learned is that all computers are individuals -what works for one need not neccessarily do the trick for another.

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