Hi, I'm using ZAES ForceField browser security is on but virtualization is not enabled.

My browser is Firefox 3.5.6 and I have Google Toolbar installed. Firefox privacy is set to remember history. Google Toolbar is set with "enable new tab page" set. Within my google id settings I have disabled my web history and cleared it - it says, "Your web history has been paused."

I have a problem with history and tabs which I suspect may be a combination of Firefox settings and ForceField settings. I could do with some suggestions.

Before I say any more I'll say that the first thing I tried was to clear virtualization data and to turn off Forcefield and try to clear Firefox history.

When I open a "New Tab" in Firefox, Google shows up a small set of thumbnails but they seem to fill up with certain regularly used tabs but not other regularly used tabs. And since clearing history and virtualisation data nothing shows there. I would like to get back in control of the thumbnails that are showing there and have just the half a dozen regularly used sites showing up in there.

I think this is related to the TABS issue. When I tried to investigate why TABS kept missing one regularly used site I hit CTRL+H to show my history. It showed details for October, September and August (not November or December). I tried to clear these with the "TOOLS>Clear Recent History" but that did not clear it. I then tried to clear the virtualisation data but that failed to clear it. Next I turned off ForceField and tried both clearing the virtualisation data and then clearing the recent history. That too failed. Finally I right clicked on each entry and deleted the history for it page by page. That seemed to clear the entries... except two, one in September and one in August for my own website! October has no entries but still shows there.

Having cleared these items I re-cleared virtualisation data and browser history before turning ForceField back on.

Now I still have in the HISTORY "October", "September+one visit to my site", "August+ one visit to my site". And in the TABS I see no thumbnails. The tab settings under "edit thumbnails" or "show full history" show empty (that particular history always did show empty but the edit thumbnails previously worked).

So... in short... somehow the settings of ForceField, Google Toolbar and Firefox seem to conflict with one another so that I am not in control of my history either in terms of deleting it or of the new tabs mechanism working.

Interestingly my wife uses IE on the same computer. When I go to IE and open a new tab it shows up, as choices, all of the recent sites that she has been using a lot. So this seems to be related to FireFox in particular.

Has anyone else got this working? If you have... what are your settings?

(OS is Windows 7 Professional 64bit but the situation was the same just a few weeks back when I had Vista Business 64bit installed.)