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    Tombo Guest

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    I am running Vista Home Premium on a Toshiba U305-S5077 laptop and have ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for my anti-virus/anti-spyware.

    Three days ago, my Internet access ceased. Diagnostics indicated that my wireless and LAN adapters were not correctly configured to use the IP Protocol. Device Manager reported that both adapters were operating correctly, but all attempts to connect to the Internet failed, with wireless indicating connected with limited access. Another laptop in the house was able to connect on my secure wireless network.

    Other user forums suggested many different procedures to solve the problem. None worked. Then I noticed that a file in the drivers>etc folder had been changed recently, and also recalled that ZoneAlarm had shut itself down recently because automatic updating was not enabled. Attempts to turn ZoneAlarm back on were rejected, because ZoneAlarm said it needed to be updated. How this was to be accomplished with no Internet connection is a mystery.

    I chose a restore point prior to the date:time stamp of the recently changed drivers>etc>lmhosts file and I regained Internet access.

    ZoneAlarm was then updated and anti-virus/anti-spyware were turned on and automatic updating was enabled.

    The drivers>etc>lmhosts file then showed a new date:time stamp that was after the restore was done and after ZoneAlarm was reactivated.

    Can ZoneAlarm tech support explain why Internet access was disabled when ZoneAlarm shut itself down? And how users can update without Internet access? Some poor souls have gone so far as to reinstall their operating system from their OEM DVDs, including all their apps and files.

    My case against ZoneAlarm is circumstantial, I admit, but then this is not a criminal case in a court of law, so maybe ZoneAlarm should "prove their innocence."

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    garywa Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tombo View Post
    Can ZoneAlarm tech support explain why Internet access was disabled when ZoneAlarm shut itself down?
    I don't know, perhaps you should ask them directly via Live Chat here:

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