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Thread: Suspicious website alert for my sites

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    xprt007 Guest

    Default Suspicious website alert for my sites

    I have 3 sites under construction & not yet publicly accessible, but have the intention to launch at least one in the near future.
    The root folder, that holds the 3 sites is password protected, meaning one needs username/password to acces them. About 2 weeks ago, I installed Zone alarm with the security toolbar.

    To my horror, I discovered when I tried to access the sites to work on them, that I got warning from the toolbar. I am the one making these sites & almost no one apart from my 2 partners have access to them but are not programmers. One of the sites has 100% only Drupal CMS files. The main site also 100% Drupal CMS files and one or 2 photos & some embedded content from Wikipedia/Wikimedia. Nothing else. I made this particular site by using 100% Drupal CMS files from another site, under a separate hosting account for about 1 year but with which the toolbar has no issue.

    I told my host to try & scan my sites' files in case the toolbar was right, since I was sure no bad files got there from my side, but they assured us it was unnecessary & that their antivirus programs would in case identify it if there was anything like that at all.

    Today, however while scanning some files on my site with the antivirus, I discovered this "HTML:Iframe-inf" vermin, had infected a number of html files, including some Drupal CMS module files I recently uploaded to the main site.
    So I assume if the toolbar can really identify such ware ON A SITE, then it was right.
    I scanned my PC SEVERAL times & even re-installed Windows to clear it of these files. I then deleted ALL site files & reinstalled Drupal CMS, with fresh files directly from

    After all this the toolbar still gives the warning.
    My question is: What can I do to get or accelerate the removal of the 3 sites from the toolbar security warning database?
    These sites have NOT been a danger to anyone in case that virus/worm software can attack PCs of visitors just accessing them, since there's nothing there to download.
    It is very important to get these sites launched and it's the last thing you want to have security software warning visitors about your site, especially if it has no dangerous files.
    I am ready to avail the URLs to whoever is responsible at Zone Alarm to actively monitor the sites from this moment.

    Please give me some advice. What can I do to have the toolbar stop giving this warning so the impending launch of my site(s) is not endangered?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Suspicious website alert for my sites

    sorry, no ZA staff here only users. You should contact ZA directly. Link in my signature.


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Suspicious website alert for my sites

    Click here > and look at 'garywa's nice pictorial of the ZA toolbar in action.
    __________________________________________________ ________
    The ZA toolbar will look for malware, anti-phish, etc. Some of the factors for detection is the 'history of a site/ reputation, security credentials' - it is common for "new websites" to get a 'yellow alert/ suspicious/ proceed with caution' for the website - it does not necessarily mean the web site is 'bad or suspected of spewing malware' but it should be duly noted that real bad "phishing" sites can also be new websites - and they can try to steal info/ or spew malware - please proceed with caution with any alert. There various ways to check a website without ever going to/ clicking the link- URL.

    With 'yellow alerts/ suspicious' ZA users do have the ability to 'continue to site' or 'mark as trusted' with no more futrure alerts; and ZA will gather info of your choice.

    click here for info on "phishing" >
    xprt007, less any malware, you can 'mark as trusted' for your site - ZA will remember your choice and you should not receive further alerts. Remember ZA toolbar's functions are more 'automated software following certain security checks/ scans' not humans evaluting web sites. And there are other browser security software/plug-ins out there: McAfee SiteAdvisor, WOT, LinkScanner, Finjan, etc.
    Example: from my own experience... my local supermarket chain had a new sweepstakes where you can enter on-line - new website > got a 'yellow alert' > I 'marked as trusted' -'continue' - no more alerts.
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    JWMiller Guest

    Exclamation Re: Suspicious website alert for my sites

    Heh - I inquired via zone alarm's chat and they do that automatically whenever a site is less than 3 months old. The idea is good, but the execution is poor.

    I strongly recommended to them that the warning should include the info that the 'suspicious' label is applied to all new sites.

    ** snip **
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