I've been having a problem for a few days now. Sometimes, it's a mild nuisance, others it's a full blown malware system takeover attempt.
The first thing I noticed was that Google Chrome wasn't launching. It kept hanging up. Then I noticed that the Zone alarm icon in the system tray indicated that ZA was updating...constantly...for hours. I couldn't launch it to run a scan.
I checked the Task manager and my CPU usage was pegged at 100% (which is why Chrome wouldn't launch: no resources). I checked the list of processes and found that an application called MOM.exe was listed twice and one of them was using 99% of the CPU's resources.
I ended the application and zoneAlarm launched. I Googled MOM.exe and found an article that said it's an error related to the ATI Control Center (I have an ATI PCI sound card) and that, unless there was a folder called MOM in the program files, it wasn't malware.
So I went online and began browsing and suddenly an application called Security Tool began plaguing me with popups about my system being infected.
There were dire warnings that my credit cards had been stolen, my bank accounts were in jeopardy and the Huns were at the door. Of course, it kept prompting me to scan my system , yadda yadda. I ignored it and tried to run Zone Alarm , but the da&&^ Security Tool popups blocked everything else.
I found that MOM.exe was hogging my CPU again, so I ended that process and ZA ran and found one infection.

Anyway, to make a long story short---too late!-- I got the application removed, ran ZA, Ad Aware, SpyWare Doctor and all report a clean system. And the friggin' Security Tools **** is gone.

But, when I boot up, the system still hangs up and there's MOM.exe using 99% of my CPU. I have to end the process before Chrome or Zone Alarm will launch. Do I have a nasty infection, or just a screwed up registry?

What to do?????