Hello Buddies ...

This keeps your password intact yet skip the Welcome screen and have Vista log you in automatically each time you startup Windows, enter the User Accounts window – but not in the Control Panel.

Here is the steps how you do it.
1. To access the first two advanced User Accounts Tools in Vista, open the Start menu and in the search box type controluserpassword2 and hit Enter.
2. Select your username from the list, turn off the Users must enter a username and password to user this computer option, and then click OK.
3. When prompted, enter your password twice and click OK.
4. Open the Power Options window in Control Panel.
5. Click Change plan settings under the currently selected plans.
6. Then, click Change advanced power setting on the next page.
7. Under the Additional Settings branch, set the Require a Password in wakeup option to NO and click OK.
8. The last step is to jump to the Personalization page in the Control Panel and then click Screen Saver, turn-off the On resume, display logon screen option and click OK.

With all these options disabled, you’ll get to your desktop more quickly and with less typing.