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Thread: Loss of internet connectivity

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    nickg Guest

    Default Loss of internet connectivity

    Security Suite
    Windows 7 64-bit

    I have a problem whereby every so often I lose all internet connectivity from my machine. The internet connection is fine (other devices on the network - including another machine running the same ZA version under Windows XP) can connect OK.

    The machine is connected via a LAN (workgroup defined but homegroups not used) to a DSL router.

    LAN connectivity appears unaffected (I have a utility monitoring my networked Brother printer and this still shows as online) though I haven't tested this extensively.

    If I open a command window and do an "ipconfig -all" whilst the problem is occurring, this just sits there and doesn't return the normal information. As soon as I shut down ZA it completes as normal.

    Shutting down ZA on the machine restores normal connectivity.

    If I restart ZA everything continues to work normally until the problem occurs again some time later.

    Speculatively I would say that the problem occurs:

    1. When the computer has been idle for some time, or
    2. When there has been a temporary interruption in the internet connection (but the connection has returned to normal after a short time).

    Anyone else experienced anything similar or able to suggest further diagnostics.

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    userqet Guest

    Default Re: Loss of internet connectivity

    I have the same connectivity problems
    I use Windows XP SP3 with IE 8
    I have problems when using IE and also using Outlook 2003, altough I can send and receive mails. However I get several error codes that indicate loss of connectivity. I'm a ADSL user at Belgacom (BE)

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