This is my first post here so apologies if in wrong section.

My problem is pretty simple? Recently I bought a laptop (Windows Vista 32-bit) with McAfee and once the free period expired I uninstalled this and downloaded Avast anti-virus (free) and ZoneAlarm v9.1.007.002. Everything seemed to be OK, until I discovered that when ZoneAlarm is ON and Windows Firewall is OFF, the "Network Discovery" and "File Sharing" will automatically stay ON and the only way to disable these is to have Windows Firewall ON (along with ZA or on its own). I use my laptop a lot in public places and prefer not to be shown on the local networks which is obviously happening because the Discovery is ON. Last night I disabled the UPnP service and the SSDP service. This morning when I logged onto my machine both the Firewalls were OFF and I started ZA first but still the Network Discovery and File Sharing where on so I had to again switch on Windows Firewall. Admittedly I am no expert on this area regarding Firewalls etc and would be very grateful for any ideas/help.

Thanks in advance.