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Thread: ZA + MSE + firefox..... laptop hangs!!!

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    Default ZA + MSE + firefox..... laptop hangs!!!

    hi all people.
    i m new to ZA community,i came here with a problem,i am using zonealarm free firewall the latest version and MSE latest.
    i dont know the reason behind but when i use firefox,with both ZA firewal n MSE on,my laptop hangs and i cannot do anything,ultimately i have to restart laptop,so finally i have uninstalled MSE,but i heard and saw reviews about MSE,it is very good product,someone told me that there is configuration problem for ZA or MSE,which hangs pc.
    can anyone tell me solution,i will be much glad..

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    Default Re: ZA + MSE + firefox..... laptop hangs!!!

    there are several posts about ZA and MSE not playing nice together. Considering there is no support for ZAfree and we are all users in here, the best you can do is to post to microsoft support and see if they have any solution for it. Or remove ZA if you want to keep using MSE.

    Sorry I have no further suggestions for you, may be other users in here have a better solution.


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