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Thread: renewal more expensive than new purchase

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    bweinste Guest

    Default renewal more expensive than new purchase

    When ZoneAlarm prompted me to renew I clicked on the link. I was offered a price for the internet security suite of 49 dollars. I was also offered to upgrade for "free" to the extreme product.

    Turns out the free upgrade gets you extreme security at the same price as just buying it new. Further, if you buy new, you can get the regular internet security suite for 39 dollars.

    When the cable company does something like this (offering better deals only to new customers), it's infuriating because it's hard to do anything about it.

    When Check Point does it, it is really insulting to our intelligence.

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    samlar Guest

    Default Re: renewal more expensive than new purchase

    Most companies doe this I never renew I always look for deals on new ones. Other antivirus like norton even does this. Business of all kinds play games like this and it is legal. I received checks in the mail to move a balance to citi card with no interest for six months.
    Which would seem great but when you figure out that you have to pay 3% up front what you are really paying is 6 percent over the six months for using there money. What gets me is the number of people who do not realize this and pay the renewal price rather than buy new.

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