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    When I attempt to open a PDF file from a link in IE8, ZA asks me if I want to Save or Run the file. When I respond "Run", the scan is completed successfully and then I am asked if I want to open the file (Yes or No). How can I (a) set the default action to "Run" for PDFs (and other files at my option) and (b) have the default action be "yes" to the question about opening the file? It is something of a pain to have to answer 2 questions just to open a PDF file even if that displays an appropriate caution!

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    unfortunately the two step download process is by design and it is done to allow first to check for the safety of the file (green pop-up is displayed or red pop-up is displayed) and secondly to allow, if safety could not be verified, to run the file in isolated sanbox to observe its behaviour.

    You can trun off the feature in the advance settings of forcefield/web browser security (depending of the name/version of the product used)


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