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Thread: Toolbar shows Forcefield working but control panel does not!

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    milkman71 Guest

    Default Toolbar shows Forcefield working but control panel does not!

    I am not sure how to fix it but I found out that I can't open an unprotected browser window anymore. There is no option in the windows toolbar. Also, When I open ZA control center and go to the Browser security section it lists "ForceField off" yet the button is filled in on the "on" button. I have tried to turn it off and then back on but it still lists it as being turned off. Should I try a complete removal and reinstallation? Also, when I Right Click on the Z icon in the taskbar the "open Unprotected Browser" selection is "greyed out" and unable to be selected.

    Version info:
    ZA ES version
    Driver Version
    AV/AS DAT version 1009991680
    ZA ForceField

    And From ForceField toolbar
    ZA ForceField
    Spyware Scanner
    Anti-Phising Database
    Spyware Sites Database 04.040

    Also Using Windows XP Home Edition SP3
    The computer is a Desktop From Gateway with a pentium 4 2.53 GHz and 1.0 GB of RAM
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