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Thread: check Adobe's web site for a security alert

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    Default check Adobe's web site for a security alert

    Your basic zone alarm product protected me from the worst of the Internet Security 2010 malware. A security flaw in Adobe Reader allowed a downloaded pdf, containing trojan horse javascript to start downloading this puppy. ZA notified me that something was trying to access the internet w/o my knowlege and I was able to prevent the main part of the malware from getting installed on my machine.

    It did require some cleaning up of registry settings and bad exes, but from what I've read on other sites, I had it easy. Other's weren't so lucky and needed to mount their boot drive from the infected computer as a mountable drive on a second non-infected computer in order to remove this puppy.

    My advice is - make sure you require Adobe and other products to ask permission before it can access the internet. Make them ask even if they want to do automatic updates.

    And Oh - If you've installed Adobe Reader 8.1 recently, check Adobe's web site for a security alert which tells you how to turn off JavaScript.

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