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    rtorstrick Guest

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    I downloaded Replay Media Catcher and got a message from ZoneAlarm that the file silently creates executable files and saves them. Well, that seems like what the application is SUPPOSED to do. But, Zonealarm was checking the installer, not the software, unless it checks both. How can I check to see whether this software is a known threat?

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    garywa Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtorstrick View Post
    How can I check to see whether this software is a known threat?
    I always start with Google when I run across one of these - replay media catcher malware or replay media catcher spyware for starters and begin reading. ZA is telling me what the program (file) does "creates executable files and saves them." That may be a good thing or a bad thing. Its up to me to determine, by what I can find out about the program, if I am willing to take the risk and use it. Creating executable files can be used to create good, useful files or nasty, malicious ones, depending on the person's intent.

    Unfortunately, many times, the answer is not black or white, but somewhere in that gray area in between.

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