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    Default Another "Fake" Security Program

    I've been reading about these, and it seems I got one from a site I frequent. I didn't even have to tell anything to download, it just did it on its own. Couldn't get it deleted, until I told ZASS to Kill all the version of it I saw. Then I could delete the exe file. Found two copies of a trojan during scan: Trojan.Win32.FraudPack.ajvf. Deleted those. Didn't see any more weird folders or anything in my registry that suggests it's still there. Cleared out temp internet files. But now IE won't connect to the internet, and neither will ZASS antivirus update. I'm typing this using Firefox. I'm hoping that a simple computer restart will fix the issues iwth IE and ZASS updates, but I'm worried if I do something bad will happen. Another ZASS scan showed no more trojans. Smart Scan with Ad-Aware showed only cookies, which were deleted. Do you think I got rid of the trojan and the fake program? Or should I scan with some other stuff? Oh, found the file. Named Sandboxie Start, file name cdrmsysguard.exe
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