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    Unhappy [WORKAROUND] Random Keyboard issue

    every now and again (probably once to three times a day) the keyboard will get itself confused and instead of the keys completing their normal function when pushed you can push any key and it will carry on the following sequence everytime you push it.

    qwertyuiop[]asdfghjkl;'zx etc im sure you get the picture.

    this has only happened like this ever since i installed zonealarm extreme security on a 3 pc license, The OS is Windows XP SP2 and Windows 7 Ultimate, both are 32bit OS's. (the XP SP2 is a IBM R61 laptop, the Win 7 is a desktop (no brand, a diy job - 2.8ghz sgl processor, 2gb ddr400, agp graphics card, ide hard drives etc))

    I have ruled every bit of hardware and software out that could (or potentially) cause this weird issue. it wasn't until i shut zonealarm down and restart it the problem goes away for that time only.

    Has anyone come across this or know of a way to resolve this issue. (i have reinstalled my entire system even thou it was a bit extreme), and still does it.

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