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Thread: IE7 (IE8?) does not open when virtualization is enabled. This fixes it for me.

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    keephoping Guest

    Default IE7 (IE8?) does not open when virtualization is enabled. This fixes it for me.

    I updated to ver 9.1.008 from ver 9.0.083 of Extreme Security version and then I could not open IE7 without turning off virtualization. Running XP SP2.

    I did the following but it DID NOT FIX the problem (although maybe it's essential to do it at least once? Doubt it though).

    - Close all browsers
    - Open ZoneAlarm -> click on Browser Security -> Settings
    - In Settings click Advanced tab
    - Clear virtual data and click OK
    - Turn Off ForceField

    - Click Start -> Control Panel -> Internet Options
    - Click Delete -> Delete Temporary Internet Files
    - Security (Tab) -> Default Level
    - Advanced (Tab) -> Restore advanced settings

    Bottom line, here's what I found will get IE to open with virtualization enabled.

    Start by closing IE if it's open (I don't know if this is important).

    1) [This step might not be needed] Under Browser Security Force Field Settings Advanced, enable virtualization and clear virtual data. Click OK.
    2) Then turn off virtualization and clear the virtual data (clearing at this time might not be necessary). Click OK. Leave Force Field enabled.
    3) Open IE.
    4) Clear virtual data (this causes IE to close on my system).
    5) Enable virtualization BUT DO *NOT* CLEAR THE VIRTUAL DATA AGAIN. Click OK.

    Now IE7 opens with virtualization enabled.

    However, it seems that whenever IE7 hangs due to Force Field (IE and Force Field seem to get out of sync or something), I have to clear virtual data again to fix it. But then I have to go through those new steps again. Fortunately it only takes a few seconds. And it's likely that step#1 isn't necessary.

    Hope this helps.
    Last edited by keephoping; January 14th, 2010 at 09:25 AM. Reason: might not be neccessary to clear virtual data in step#2

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