ok, first of all this has annoyed me..........

I was using free download manager (FMD) to download a large file split up in to 200mb segments (not illegal, they were from vienna instuments) i had downloaded 3 gbs of the stuff. When i tried to open one of them, FMD shut down and all the files disappeared!

After looking around my computer for a while i found these ISW files that were the right sizes.

Found them here: C:\Users\olly\AppData\Roaming\#ISW.FS#\Normal

With filenames like fffffffffffffa45.isw

A bit of research led me to forcefield...

I want these files back, is there anyway that this can happen? i don't want to download again (close to my quota for this month) and i need these files.

I also checked recycle bin, scanned with a file undeleter (although not properly - is there any point?) and tried "Restore Folder to Previous Version" on the download folder.

These files must be somewhere on my computer? surely? So just a little help please or tell me there's no point in trying to get them back.

ok thanks, olly