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    sageth Guest

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    I have a number of scheduled tasks that I run on my home computer to back up files to a home NAS. Under both Windows 7 and Windows XP, I've noticed that viruses are not caught when copying via the command line (xcopy, copy, or robocopy). The scan seems to only happen on execution.

    I'm using ZIS, but I've noticed this in previous clients as well. Is there a way to change the default behavior and I'm just missing it? I would like to have the files scanned as part of my backup since I am having a relatively benign but very pesky virus problem.

    Or is there a command line scan function to this? I've read some forum posts that say yes. I can't tell whether the scanner is actually running, though.

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    sageth Guest

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    Hi all. Sorry to bump this, but I have been able to easily recreate the issue at will with an infected file. I talked to support and it turns out that the latest beta actually addresses this (purposely or not). It looks like it might bring some of it's own other minor problems, but thought I should post back and provide an update.

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