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    naivemelody Guest

    Exclamation reCaptcha, not good

    I'm finding the new "Search" function in this forum with the 'reCaptcha' imaging questions quite annoying and slows down my overall efficacy in analyzing/ 'gathering info' for the 'prospect of posting.' And I'm sure some ZA users who have questions or issues and who wish to solve their problems and seek solutions/ information by first using the 'search' function will be/ are "put-off" by this imaging test, just for a 'search.'

    I can accept the reCaptcha for posting, but for simple "fast searching", this should not be. Searches should be quick and easy; not hampered with 'sometimes' hard to recognize images/ testing of "us" the forum user.

    I hope the FM and Guru's will reconsider and make alterations.
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