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Thread: [SOLVED] Held Hostage

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    Angry [SOLVED] Held Hostage

    On my other computer (supposedly also protected by ZoneAlarm) there's a new item called "Livevirus Live" that keeps popping up with antivirus and antispyware alerts. It has a free scanner that has identified 34 malware infections. In order to remove these I have to buy an upgraded version. I can't seem to get rid of this junk. That other computer runs on Vista, but I can't find the critter in control panel to uninstall it. I've scanned the machine once with ZoneAlarm and found three viruses that were automatically quarantined, but the darn thing won't go away! HELP!
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    Default Re: Held Hostage -> Malware clean up needed

    Its a fake security software reporting fake infections to steal real money.
    Please follow ALL steps suggested here:

    Never ever trust any window popping up saying that you are infected even less installing any executables proposed to you as a consequence.
    Just close the windows and you will be safe. Only trust ZA pop-ups.


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