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Thread: [SOLVED]KAV and ForceField Compatibility --> Just disable Kaspersky URL advisor addon

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    Default [SOLVED]KAV and ForceField Compatibility --> Just disable Kaspersky URL advisor addon

    My brother had just installed latest version of FF 15_053_049 and it seems to have conflict with kaspersky antivirus 2010 which he had used for several months. After installing the FF and run mozilla, the Kaspersky antivirus scan function did not working anymore. Uninstall FF and Kaspersky antivirus scan back to normal. Is this mean FF does not compatible with Kaspersky antivirus?
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    Default Re: Latest FF Compatibility

    This is the first time I hear this in here... as you probably know by now we are all users here. ZA staff does not monitor this board. You should address the ZA technical support to know if there is any known compatibility issues between the two.

    Please post back here with the ZA support answer, it will help other users!


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    Default Re: Latest FF Compatibility

    This suggests Kaspersky is the issue and not ZAFF. its possible Kaspersky introduced something new that makes them not work with ZAFF on the same system.

    Please contact Kaspersky first and if they cant resolve the issue then ask them to contact our developers.

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    Default Re: Latest FF Compatibility

    I'd contacted with the Kaspersky technical support and they didn't provide any detail answered. They just told me to uninstall the ZAFF. I still have remaining of 200+ days ZAFF license. I tried to disable the Kaspersky URL advisor addon first then reinstall the ZAFF. ZAFF works like it should and also the scan function of KAV back again.. I'm using the latest firefox 3.6 and FF
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