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Ok, so that's no good for a test then. The other problem is still real though, a history is kept from private session to private session, although I have no idea where it might be saved, it's not visible from non-private sessions.
Nope, all works fine here. You probably see the history of your non private browser or non protected one.

Test it like this. Open a private browser. Go to a site you know you never ever been before. Then close the window. Now open a new private browser window. Write the same address. Does it appear in the history? It should not.

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What difference does it really make whether it's on or off?
When is it good to enable virtualization, when isn't it?
Is it ever?
OFF --> Browser is NOT isolated from the rest of the system. drive-by-download can install files on the system without user consent.

ON --> Browser is isolated

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Why has it been relegated to an opt-in?
becuase it can slow down booting under certain configurations and also because novice users are very confused by what "sandboxing" and virtualization means and end up thinking ZA is buggy due to certain behaviour.