I am running Windows XP SP3 and Zone Alarm (and True Vector & Driver) Ver. 8.0298.000.

Upon boot-up I am getting an increasingly repetitive dialog box:

"Please stand by...Zone Alarm is initializing. This window will close once Zone Alarm has initializes. You may click cancel to shut down Zone Alarm."

During the time occupied by this repeated initializing routine I cannot get access to any browsers or even applications on my hard drive to work.

As the number of 'initializations' required has increased so has the time between boot-up and usefulness (ie access to applications) has also increased. It started appearing some months ago, but the number of repetitions has increased from twice to five times over a period of about six months.

To give you some idea of how long this takes, here is a log of this morning's boot-up:

801am Windows XP screen appears
808 Initialization Dialog box first appears
809 box disappears
811 Second appearance
812 disappears
812 3rd appearance
813 disappears
814 4th
815 disappears
816 5th appearance
817 finally disappears

Regarding this process, I have two questions:
1. Does anyone have any idea why 'initializing' is taking so long, and happens so repeatedly...and why the number of 'initializations' done is increasing?

2. Does anyone have any ideas about how to reduce the number of 'initializions' required before I can get back to work?