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    Default Guarding against Keyloggers

    Does ZoneAlarm Pro guard against keyloggers that want to call home ?

    My only question is in the event my system gets infected with a keylogger does ZoneAlarm notify me of any attempts made by the keylogger to connect to the internet and to call home ? Whether itself directly trying to connect to the internet or by using another Window process to do the dirty work to connect to the internet ? I am under the impression that keyloggers can be kernel based (thereby being virtually undetectable) and able to control a Window system file(s) to access the internet and not giving itself away and allowing the controlled process to the dirty work.

    Does ZoneAlarm have the capability to detect such tactics and notify the user as such that a process or application is trying to connect to the internet ?

    Also does ZoneAlarm detect other methods of bypassing firewalls such as Port Knocking and Tunnelling and Proxing ?
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