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    im trying the newest zone alarm extreme security(like it)and when testing against a known malware file it runs it in a virtual place and says its a bad file,but there is an option to delete or ignore and run question is can i disable the ignore and run anyway because if my sons want to run a file they will probably click ignore and run anyway?thanks

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    There is no user option to turn off/ disable that feature.

    Best advice: teach your sons 'better surfing habits' - this will go a long way in keeping your sons and pc safe. Tell them don't ignore 'red alerts', 'yellow alerts' seek approval from adults (sometimes some sites get yellow alerts for being relatively new). Explain the consequences of 'blind' downloading.

    You may wish to add/ install another 'safe surfing' tool such as 'McAfee SiteAdvisor' - which gives 'red/ yellow/ green' alerts for sites & searching.

    Depending on the ages of your sons - you may show them some sites that they can 'preview and test' a site/URL before attempting to download material.
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