Recently, ZoneAlarm detected some possible virus activity on two different files. After checking, I found the neither of these files were a problem. I wasn't sure how to add an Exception so I did one two different ways to be safe or sure.

Later, I decided I should remove one of the exceptions because it was not needed. I went to the "Virus Treatment Exceptions" window and click on one of the rows. Yet, I could not tell if I actually selected a row. There is no row highlight. I could not tell if I selected "Remove from List" if I would remove the last entered or what?

Second, I was also concerned that if I removed the wrong row I would have tremendous difficulty put the information back. As you can see in the window below. I can read virtually NONE of the information about each exception. I could put an exception back if I know what I am actually removing.

Please help. This window need improving!