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Thread: Firefox 3.6 with Forcefield?

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    Snarkley Guest

    Default Firefox 3.6 with Forcefield?

    Firefox just released a big upgrade v. 3.6. Has anyone tried it with Forcefield yet?

    ZAPro 9.1.008
    Forcefield standalone

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    bonsky Guest

    Default Re: Firefox 3.6 with Forcefield?

    Hi !

    No problem from my side...

    Before upgrade, I simply cleaned up the virtual files...close ZAFF...upgrade FireFox to 3.6, make sure all my extention worked and other test...reload ZAFF...and everything is Okays...

    Ho yes...there's one problem...I didn't found yet a good personas themes to match smoothly with the ZAFF Toolbars...;-)



    ZAAV 9.1.008
    Forcefield standalone
    Window XP SP

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