For sometime now I have noticed that every once in awhile my IE 7 page will reset back to its default state. All my custom arranging of IE 7 change back to the way IE 7 appears when you first install windows. I will customize the page back to the way I like it, only to have it change again several days later.

My tool bar will change back to its default state. My favorites on the “Links” bar will be rearranged, my internet cache will reset back to its normal amount, the number of days the history is kept will reset and my home page resets back Microsoft MSN.

I discovered that this only happens when I clear “Virtual Data” under the advanced settings of Zone Alarms browser security. I can reset homepage back to the way I like it, clear “Virtual Data” and the change happens every time.

Help, any ideas!!!!!

I am currently running Win Xp Pro, service pack #3 with all updates, up to date. I am using the latest version of Zone Alarm Extreme and have my updates set to every three hours. I scan regularly with Zone Alarm Extreme, Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware. I am sure I have no virus, infact did fresh install of XP Pro last week.