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Thread: [SOLVED] Outlook email highjacked?

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    Cool [SOLVED] Outlook email highjacked?

    I opened Outloo this Am and closed it within a couple of minutes. Upon closing it said there were unsent messages and did I really want to close. I had sent a message last night and then closed so I thought it might not have been sent before it closed. Then I noticed that the "out box" had 3 messages in it. By the time I could open the file they were gone. Checked the "sent' file and there were 3 files I did not author.

    The text of one follows----------------------------------------------------

    To: ''

    Re: Amazon Kindle DX with Global Wireless: Now Shipping [ZONEALARM CHALLENGE

    Thank you for sending me your email with the subject "Amazon Kindle DX with Global Wireless: Now Shipping". I really want to receive your email.

    In an effort to eliminate junk email, I am using ZoneAlarm. ZoneAlarm has placed your message on hold.

    Please click the link below so you will be added to my Allowed people list, I will receive your email, and we will be able to communicate freely going forward.


    If you can not click on the link above, copy and paste the URL above directly into your browser.

    This mailbox protected from junk email by ZoneAlarm
    from Zone Labs

    -------------End of Message------------------------------------------------------

    I am running ZAXP with current updates. I ran the highest level scan and it found nothing.
    Running Sony desktop with Windows XP-SP3.

    Obviously thing are not right.
    Any thoughts
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