I am sure this is a setting I need to change to address the following, so help will be appreciated.

I am running ZA IS on an HP Pavilion DV-4 notebook, OS Vista Home Premium 64.

I note that when I first connect to a new WiFi site, the site is recognized and I connect, but only for local access. No combination of tweaks allows me to gain internet access, i.e. ipconfig /renew, disconnecting and reconnecting to the network, though if I click on "automatically connect" and "remember this network" and then reboot, the connection works fully after the reboot.

Furthermore, I note that the wireless device assigns iPv4 address when I first connect to any new WiFi site, and then assigns the correct address after the re boot, explaining part of the problem.

I now have discovered that if I disable ZA, without rebooting, local access changes to full internet access, without having to reboot. So, evidently it is a ZA issue.

So, if someone can please advise me as to which ZA setting is responsible for this behavior, I am hoping to change that setting and get past this nuisance problem.

Thanks in advance for help!