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    Default Program Control ZA free version

    After removing entries for ping and traceroute from ZA's Program Control, and running ping or traceroute from XA's command line, I have noticed that ZA re-creates those entries. No problem there (am using ZA free version

    However, the entries that ZA automatically re-creates in Program Control have all settings as "prompt" .... yet I am not prompted/alerted by ZA when I run the ping or traceroute commands!

    If ZA thinks that ping and traceroute are "safe", then (when re-creating entries in the Program Control list) it should set those entries to "allow". If the customer subsequently changes those settings from "allow" to "prompt", then ZA should honor those settings and prompt the user.

    With ZA free version 8.0.298, ZA would honor the "prompt" settings (in Program Control) for ping and traceroute. With version, ZA does not honor the "prompt" settings for ping and traceroute.

    I consider this to be a bug. Any thoughts on when/if this bug will be fixed. ZA should honor the settings in Program Control.

    I tried changing the Program Control settings for ping to "block", and that resulted in the ping command being blocked (although I did not receive a notice from ZA when I tried running the ping command ... ping just timed out and said it could not find the address I was trying to ping ... which is totally misleading.

    Since ZA honors the Program Control setting if it is set to "block", then shouldn't ZA also honor the setting if it is set to "prompt".

    Also, it would be nice if ZA produced an alert to the user when a program is run that is blocked in the Program Control list.
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    Default Re: Program Control ZA free version

    in ZA 9 common Windows processes are automatically allowed by default, unless you specifically block them. If you don't want that, Program control main tab, Program control section, click custom, uncheck 'Enable Microsoft catalog utilization'

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