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Thread: [WORKAROUND] Zone Alarm Free Popup.

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    Default [WORKAROUND] Zone Alarm Free Popup.

    I have recently (in the past 10 days or so) been getting a popup every time I start up my laptop.

    It's a ZoneAlarm Security Options popup box, which has two options: "Tell Me More" and "No Thanks".

    If I click on No Thanks it goes away until the next time I log on. If I click on Tell Me More it takes me to the ZA website where it shows me what else I can buy.

    Can someone tell me how I get rid of it please, it's really irritating. I have changed the preferences in ZA to manual for program updates, but this isn't even a program update.

    I have used ZA for many years and have never had any problems with it previously, but I am seriously considering uninstalling it and trying something else less irritating.

    Thanks for your help.
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